Bikeable Jo meets her vastus medialis

Just the other day, I made a discovery.  It was my vastus medialis.

Way back in the day, I was an All-American volleyball player for Juniata College, a Division III powerhouse. While we never won a national title while I was there (but boy, did we try) – our bodies were fine-tuned machines. I look back at our training regimen with horror and pride, then back to horror again.


Instead of using my legs (which haven’t seen the sun in well over a year), I’ve borrowed hers for this demonstration

However, despite all the years of playing volleyball, weight training, running, and generally being quite active – I had never had a strong vastus medialis (knee pain, anyone?) despite trying.  It’s also called the tear drop muscle and lives right above the knee. Check it out, we all have a pair.

Since I started to cycle, my body and my perception of it has changed. My tear drop muscle is strong! But more importantly, I appreciate my body in a whole new way.  Along with my Saracen (have you guys met yet?), it’s my transportation, my independence, my livelihood. The stronger it is – the faster and more efficient I can be. I value my time and my body gives it to me, especially with a little love and care.

This wee muscle – which isn’t so wee anymore  – has quickly become my favourite bit of my bikeable style (a short haircut a close second!). I’m a tiny bit obsessed with it. It’s like when you wallpaper a room in your house, all you can see is wallpaper around you – different colours, methods used, tough curves. I’m always checking out people’s knees – both men and women – and love when they have a good one.

Your vastus medialis is beautiful – give it some love and it will certainly return the favour.

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