What is the bikeable style?

oaZMEiIWn4q-JjwOFEBIwcZoxGegX2owgHKwQMaD2R4I don’t want to be misunderstood.

Those cyclists who are draped from head to toe in lycra get a real hard time about their sense of style.  Cycling blogs showcase women with stunning long legs with beautiful flowing skirts biking around town in heels. Others highlight commuter fashion – men in jeans with the turned up pant leg, striped socks playing it cool, but yet, looking very cool.

While we might joke about these different cycling psyches, they all represent a very important part of our bikeable community. My lycra (which is now an off black due to a lack of care in the washing machine), my long legs (well…I just ain’t got ’em), and my commuter fashion doesn’t real fit into those categories. I’m sorry to disappoint, but my bikeable style isn’t cutting edge.

But we aren’t here to look each other up and down at the traffic light (I saw you, Mr. Bright White Bianchi) but instead, maybe give a high five every once and a while?  I guess you can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take America out of the girl. In all seriousness, intimidation prevents folks from starting to cycle – so let’s all realise we are in this together.

I think that’s the beauty of the bikeable style. It belongs entirely to you.  Take your everyday fashion, stick it on two wheels, consider your lifestyle, incorporate the landscape and climate of your city and there you go – your very own bikeable style. It may have long beautiful legs or cute straight-legged jeans, or it might be the jogging pants you painted your flat in over the weekend.

If you can rock the heels and skirts and feel comfortable – go on girl (and send Bikeable Jo a photo)! And there are countless cold wet days in Edinburgh where I envy those in their snug and warm lycra (but in all seriousness, you guys look pretty badass in your getups).

There is nothing more stylish than a cyclist who is confident, comfortable, riding a bike they love, and pulling off a look that represents who they are as people, not just cyclists.

So experiment, embrace, and feel confident in your style and that, my friend, is very bikeable.


8 thoughts on “What is the bikeable style?

    • Totally, as does every new skill which makes it a great feeling when you get there. Blogging about increasing bikeable confidence shortly AND I will certainly high-five you at a traffic light!!!

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