Bishopbriggs Cycle Festival

This weekend – in addition to attending a great talk on bikeable design – I visited the Cycle Festival run by Ed’ s Cycle Coop over in Bishopbriggs.  It was a serious good time with good food, lots of music, bikes to try, stunt cyclists, skills courses, and even bike jumps!  I’m very impressed that such a small community embraces cycling in a big way. Take notice, Edinburgh!

Back Camera

While not one of my favourites, I did enjoy the new bikeable perspective on this low rider.

Back Camera

Now this beauty was my favourite.

Back Camera

The Clan was frightening to watch. I was very impressed.

Back Camera Back Camera

Some of the top jumps of the afternoon

2013-06-16 12.47.43 2013-06-16 12.47.59 2013-06-16 12.48.20 2013-06-16 12.49.30 2013-06-16 12.47.43


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