Bikeable Jo’s big Minnesota adventure!

Folks, I’m off to Minnesota and while I love the high life of Scotland, I’m so excited I could burst thinking about spending time with family and friends in the land of a thousand lakes.

My family are serious cyclists and I’ve never discovered Minneapolis-St. Paul on two-wheels before. As if cycling with my brother won’t be cool enough (seriously, check out that guy), I’ve got a bike waiting for me and he’s made a bikeable playlist (including Take is Easy by the Eagles, you guys know that’s my favourite) for the ride.


I’m even more excited to see this little lady. No doubt this nice bike and her parents’ love for cycling will inspire her to take to the streets when she is big enough.

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There are moments when I just can’t love my bike anymore and it’s at times such as this – carrying some special cargo set for America.  There are some things you just have to bring home.  I won’t tell you what I got my dad for his birthday in the Blackwells bag (hint – trilogy of crime novels set in Isle of Lewis – you must read) but whiskey is a must.   In any case, I look forward to telling you about my bikeable adventures in the Twin Cities. Until then x

2013-08-21 17.59.42

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