If cycling is so unsafe, why don’t you just drive?

This comment was spotted on a local community Facebook page regarding some poor cycling behaviour around my area.  In response to one cyclist saying they go a particular route because the main high street is dangerous, this local man offered his solution. ‘Why don’t you just drive?’

This isn’t me going after drivers. I love drivers (especially those that demonstrate road kindness). I get angry at other cyclists (especially those that don’t demonstrate road kindness).  It’s easy to feel disappointed in humanity when reading comments on social media regarding cycling.

The fact of the matter, we are all just people trying to move in the best way we can.  In the spirit of that sentiment, I want to bust the myth about transportation choices.

I would like to tell you my main motivation to cycle is my connection to the city (read more about my thoughts on that here), my new appreciation for my thighs (try here), or maybe the fact that I’m not doing harm to the world.  But the bottom line is – cycling is cheap and fast. I can’t afford a car thanks to my portfolio of American school loans and bi-annual trips to America to see a certain wee lass (just look at that face).


Cars are expensive, cycling is cheap. While I’m thoroughly grateful for the public transportation system in Edinburgh, I would rather invest my money elsewhere as the costs on the train and bus can add up.

And it’s fast! The more you cycle, the quicker your journeys are. With an ever growing to-do list, my time is precious. I want to get places efficiently and be able to make stops along the way.  It’s even allowed me to incorporate a good workout into my daily commute which frees up time I would spend at the gym and saves me from horrible jogs (I hate running – I can hear my old volleyball knees slowing breaking).

That, my friend, is why I don’t drive but I certainly respect your decision to.

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