Porty Profiles – Anne Marte

Next up, a new Porty Profile on Anne Marte.  I’m very impressed that she has had her mountain bike since she was 16!

Tell us about your bike

My commuter bike is a Genesis Croix de Fer14. It feels sturdy enough for Edinburgh streets and light enough to get reasonable speed on the road. I still have the mountain bike I got at 16…

How would you describe your bikeable style?

Because my bike is my daily mode of transport I usually just want to find the quickest way from a to b. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take the time to enjoy my cycle – especially when I get down to King’s road and can see the sea.

Favorite bikeable accessory

I shouldn’t say by my iPod with the playlist ‘cycle’ – makes uphill that bit more enjoyable :-0

Favorite cycling route or trip

Rallarvegen – the old construction road next to the railway between Oslo and Bergen in Norway. Up on a mountain plateau it is an absolutely beautiful cycle. 3-4 days with a tent. Done in a day if you’re fit.

Scottish weather cycling tip

Waterproof jacket, trousers, shoes and gloves. I have very cold hands and love my fluorescent yellow Sealskinz gloves. And lots of lights – lots!

Best advice for folks just starting out

Get to know your bike and your route (if commuting) Try to do the first runs outside of the worst rush hour and in daylight. Enjoy cycling past the queue!


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