Glasgow Slow Down

2014-04-13 10.07.35

Chalk, bikes, Glasgow, some er rain (surprise!) and a bacon sarnie to finish with.

Glasgow Slow Down was a temporary public artwork by Jacqueline Donachie that took to the streets of Glasgow from four muster points congregating in George Square and the Briggait to finish.

Bikes, armed with Blue Peter style chalk dispensing devices (I was impressed by the tech), painted the streets of Glasgow with lines of chalk, showing the interweaving patterns and course bikes take through the city. Check out this video to see what it was like and this one.


2014-04-13 10.08.34

A wonderful event, highlighting to me the passion for cycling in the city and as Jacqueline put it,

“It’s not wholly lycra and it’s not wholly art world but it sits kind of in the middle.”

That’s where I hope Cyclehack will fit in too, somewhere between every segment of the biking world, inviting for all to take part.

Kudos to all those who came out to celebrate and take part in this event even if there was wind and rain making it tougher than usual. Also, big up Police Scotland cycling crew who were on form and supporting the teams to move through the traffic.  They’re now Cyclehack fans too and I’m hoping will come along to look at how they can get more officers on bikes!



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