Hitting the Dark Sky Park Trails

This past weekend, we headed down to the Galloway Forest Park to check out the Dark Sky Observatory  and get in some mountain biking.


The Dark Sky Observatory is a special place – we actually saw the rings of Saturn, witnessed stars in all their glory, and was enamoured by the Andromeda galaxy (which is due to hit us in 3.75 billion years).  I continue to question my existence since that moment.

With our tent on our back, we set out for 90km on our bikes and after a few extra adventures, we ended up doing quite a bit more. We went through 7 Stanes’ Kirroughtree and Glentrool trails and I was really impressed by their infrastructure (cafes included!) for mountain biking, even those just passing through.


We found a lovely spot by a small loch and camped there for the night, with the sound of the rain (and slugs slugging up our tent) throughout the night.



I also discovered the term off-piste – which apparently means cycling in overgrown fire burn areas, in the rain, just heading North and wishing for the best, and losing your shoe in a sea of mud. There is nothing more refreshing than using a map and a compass to sort yourselves out, OK, so I’ll admit that it was a bit tense.


Get yourself to Galloway – check out the stars, get on your bike, and fall off countless times like me.






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