Help Dave get to work!

I have the pleasure of working with the lovely Dave, a very talented graphic designer (check out his stuff here) and just a top-notch guy. Now, he’s going to kill me for this – but I think we all have his best interests at heart.

We’ve been talking for a while in the office about cycling and he is keen to start commuting by bike from his home just off Leith Links to Bristo Square each day.

So we made a deal.

He said that if I can get him a route that avoids the busy streets (even if it’s a little bit longer) he will get on his bike. Folks, I need your help, secret street wisdom, and general words of encouragement for the amazing Dave.  Any tips?





4 thoughts on “Help Dave get to work!

  1. Old railway line from Thorntreeside up to the zig zag near Easter Road stadium – cross road and up the back lane to Lochend park. Whoosh through the park and up the far side, coming out on Marionville Road. Up to London Road (busy – but not far), down Abbey Lane, Abbeyhill, Croft-an-Righ and into Holyrood park. Up the main drive (there’s a cycle path) and before the hill, turn off to a footpath on RHS and upto Dumbiedykes Rd and then up the footpath (short steep hill, no shame in pushing), Brown St, West Richmond St, potter row, Bristol Sq.

    Going home, reverse route and enjoy!

    Another option would be to turn off Marionville Rd down Wishaw Terr, cross London Rd (pushing?) then into Lower London Rd and through the shortcut to Ann Terrace, then into the Park. Less road.

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