Get ready, set, CycleHack.

1 year ago we launched CycleHack for the first time ever. It’s been an absolute whirlwind since – becoming a company, launching Penny in Yo’ Pants on Indiegogo, being on the TEDx stage, and welcoming a HUGE community of global partners to the CycleHack table.

Cyclehack Team

The last one is pretty amazing – so amazing that sometimes I have to stop and take a moment.  This weekend – starting tomorrow – cities from all over the world will be hacking together. It’s overwhelming to not only think about the attendees, but the teams who have been busy planning, preparing, and creating a space to make a difference to their local streets.

Behind the scenes Matt Lowell, Sarah Drummond and I have been chipping away. Matt moved to Vancouver and launched CycleHack Vancouver which received some great coverage recently – check it out here.  We have spent many Saturday evenings (Vancouver mornings) talking about what’s next and what needs done.  We have created a collective of partners, associates, and sponsors from across the cycling spectrum that are brave and willing to try something a bit different.


A huge good luck to all our global partners and their participants this weekend!  I can’t wait to see all the awesome ideas and prototypes you make.  You can find us at #cyclehack over the course of the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Get ready, set, CycleHack.

  1. I found your blog because of penny in yo pants. I read your blog even if I don’t post comments all the time. And here you are. Meant for even greater things. I’m really happy for you.:)

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