Twin Cities bikeable finds

While I was in Twin Cities recently, I had a fantastic time exploring the local offerings for those who commute by bike.  I spent hours walking the aisles at REI and really liked the products from their store brand Novara (especially this fantastic cycling cape). I also stumbled upon an amazing pair of Danskos which have proven themselves perfect for cycling in heels without sacrificing safety while riding over the cobblestones. I’m a mission to find bike-friendly shoes – any one else have favourites?


It’s also great to see Erik’s kick off so much. The staff at the Highland Park branch were so helpful in helping me find what I needed (see my new Bern helmet below with beautiful glistening gold straps) – they seemed to be really open to both new and more experienced cyclists.


We had an absolute blast exploring the Twin Cities trail which we try and do each time I visit in the summer. Of course, every cycle out ends with a pint of the new local brew. Each year, I’m blown away at how great the infrastructure is and how it just keeps getting better. We cycled well over 30 miles within the cities and were on new trails the whole way around.




Until Christmas Minnesota!

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