Goodbye old friend

It’s been a while since I’ve said hello and with this post, I say goodbye to a very dear friend.

I got a new bike.

While others would not think too much about this, it was a very difficult decision to move on from the Saracen.  Fancy cyclists always joke about having loads of bikes but that has never been me. I just wanted one and she was always really special to me. However, it was time. In classic Bikeable Jo, I certainly couldn’t say goodbye without writing her a bit of a love letter.

5 years ago to the date, I found my partner in crime. I had just recently starting cycling and not really in the market for a new bike until I took the Saracen for a test ride while I waited for a friend. And the rest is history.


For the next 5 years, the streets of Edinburgh opened up and so did a million opportunities that I never could have anticipated.

Unknown-1.jpegMy girl inspired me to start this blog and share my two-wheeled experiences and through that – I was able to connect with an inspiring community of cyclists online and in person.

She inspired me to reach out to a friend which led to CycleHack which led to Penny in Yo’ Pants which led to a wild adventure full of unexpected opportunities from TEDx stages and  Marie Claire to Eurobike exhibitions.

She’s proven that cycling isn’t just about city streets but a confidence in your body, the choices you make, the people you meet, and the adventures you say yes to.

In her honour, I’ve collected my favourite Bikeable Jo posts. While she’s now safe and sound in storage and I will no doubt take her out for a spin now and again – her memory will always live on.

My new girl is strong, fast, fancy and helps me fly around the city.  I feel more confident heading uphill and cycling in traffic.  There is a sweetness to her that reminds me of the Saracen, but I admit it’s not the same.

However – as I recently wrote – sometimes a new stage in your life calls and it’s time to make a graceful exit.



One thought on “Goodbye old friend

  1. I’m very moved to read your stories today, about the Saracen, and people you met along the way, but especially your tribute to Ruth, my mom. I love you Jo.
    Your dad.

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