About Jo

IMG_9037I’m not a cyclist.  My cycling kit does not match.  I often wear a beaten up pair of orange New Balances on my daily commute.

But I do ride my bike everywhere and strongly believe in the power of the bikeable style.

I think of my bike as my partner in crime. A Saracen from the late 80s, she loves to cycle up Broughton Street on those windy Scottish mornings and past the foxes on the trails in Leith and across the promenade in Portobello.

Owning a bike has changed my life and has made me appreciate Edinburgh (and my legs) in an entirely new way.

But for me, it isn’t just about riding my bike. I like talking to people about their adventures on their bike.  I appreciate sharing clever cycling tips on surviving the cold wet winters.  I could spend hours watching the cyclists of Edinburgh whizz by and I’m overwhelmed with admiration when folks pull off style and function on two wheels.

My bike has also lead me to create CycleHack and Penny in Yo’ Pants with a group of friends.

Bikeable Jo is a space for me to share some of the love with you and hopefully, you will share some back.

Thanks to Daniel Thornton from Alibi Pictures for the amazing photos.

8 thoughts on “About Jo

    • I don’t think the slopes of Broughton Street would allow me to wear wedges in the morning, but then again, I do have trouble walking in them! Thanks x

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  2. I wear New Balance sneakers for biking too….well in summer, not so much now that it is cold out 🙂 I don’t own any “cycling” clothes, hasn’t stopped me yet! Love your blog

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